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BRI ISDN Interface Module

The active basic rate ISDN interface module provides four BRI interfaces, which can be configured as NT or TE interface. The module can be connected via Ethernet and PCM with the internal system bus of the target system. The local processor performs the ISDN signaling software DSS1. The user data are accessible via PCM.


  • Four interfaces per module (4*RJ45)
  • Layer 1: I.430
  • Signaling (Layer 2/3, D channel): DSS1
  • NT/TE configurable
  • Point-to-Point, Point-to-Multipoint
  • Connects NT and TE in power-down mode
  • Power Feed in NT mode
  • System interfaces:
    • Ethernet 10/100
    • PCM (Clock, Clock Master configurable)
  • Customer specific modifications

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