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FPGA Logic Design

In the area of FPGA logic design we support you with engineering services as following:

  • Performing requirements analysis in cooperation with the customer
  • Creating product and contract specification
  • Creating concept, design and test specification
  • Design of FPGA system hardware and software
  • Logic Design in VHDL
  • Technologies: Xilinx (Zynq-7000 All Programmable SoC, Virtex, Spartan), Altera
  • Verification of the design
  • Initiation and test
  • System integration


  • SoC-FPGA based test systems for IC logic verification in pre-silicon phase
  • FPGA based data concentrator for capturing sensor data of machines in explosive atmosphere
  • FPGA based chip replacement solutions
    • telecommunications
    • industrial communications
  • Combined FPGA & DSP system solutions (e.g. for audio and VoIP applications)
  • FPGA based multichannel TDM switch (>8000 TDM-connections, no blocking)
  • FPGA based PCI controller
  • FPGA based DMA/profibus controller
  • Multichannel UARTs