Internet of Things (IoT) and Embedded Systems


Welcome at GiK!

If you are looking for active support in the areas of

  • Design of IoT Devices (Sensor/Actor, Communications)
  • Processor System Design, Embedded System Design
  • Design, Simulation and Test of Switch-Mode Power Supplies
  • Digital High Speed Design (GE, DDR3, PCIe)
  • FPGA Logic Design
  • FPGA & DSP System Design
  • EMC-, EX-Conform Design
  • Linux Board Support Packages
  • Protocol and Router Software (MQTT, IP/SIP, VoIP, RTP, ISUP, OSPF,
    TETRA, PPP/ML-PPP, ISDN, X.25, etc.)
  • Audio & Video Data Communication
  • Management Software (SNMP)
  • Product Certification (EMC, CE, Security)
  • Organisation of Prototyping and Serial Production,

please, contact us and benefit from GiK as your professional engineering and consulting partner for your product development.

GiK offers

  • project specific research and development services and
  • technical steering of the indvidual product development: from elaborating the product idea to the certification of your product.

A long-standing experience in the design of application specific processor and communications systems enables us to design the best suitable solution for you. Products designed by GiK are used in industries like telecommunication, automation and semiconductor.