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ISDN/GSM Gateway

For the realization of ISDN/GSM-Gateways (2...64 channels) GiK supports the customer with specification, design and integration of processor systems, GSM/ISDN interfaces cards, driver, protocol and application software.

The GSM/ISDN Gateway allows a direct connection between the GSM and ISDN network. It provides two ISDN Basic Rate or Primary Rate and two or 64 GSM channels (900/1800 MHz). Call connection between any two interfaces is possible. The routing application covers functions like Least-Cost-Routing (LCR), CLIP/CLIR and time specific routing.

The gateway can be used as a router between BRI or PRI central office side and the PBX. Calls to the mobile network are forwarded by the PBX to the GSM/ISDN Gateway. The ISDN/GSM Gateway, finally, connects the call between wireline PSTN and mobile network.


  • 2*BRI (NT/TE) and 2*GSM
  • 2*PRI (NT/TE) and up to 64*GSM
  • Transmission of voice, data, SMS
  • Routing of GSM or PSTN (, BRI1/2, PRI1/2)
  • Routing between BRI and PRI interfaces
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Advice of Charge
  • Return Call Handling
  • Call Through
  • Fixed assignment between ISDN und GSM channels