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Software Design

In the area of software design we support you with services like:

  • Performing requirements analysis in cooperation with the customer
  • Creating product and contract specification
  • Creating concept, design and test specification
  • Software design in C++, C (if required: Assembler)
  • Initiation and test
  • System integration


  • Linux board support packages (BSPs)
  • Protocol and router software (IP/SIP, VoIP, RTP, ISUP, OSPF, TETRA, PPP/ML-PPP, ISDN, X.25, and others)
  • Management software SNMP incl. device specific MIBs
  • DSP software (TI, AD BF) for audio and video applications
  • System-On-Chip (SoC) firmware
  • Linux kernel and application software
  • Windows application software
  • Control software (VB.NET) for high voltage supply devices for PV module test
  • Open software: OpenWrt, SIP-Router, OpenSIPS, Asterisk