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UMTS Interface Module

The active mobile network UMTS interface module provides two UMTS interfaces supporting circuit mode as well as packet mode connections. The module can be connected via Ethernet, USB and PCM with an internal system bus of the target system (e.g. customer's application specific system). The module provides an ARM9 based processor with Linux based operating system. The UMTS interfaces are accessible via USB. For circuit mode application the analog interfaces of the UMTS modems are used.



  • Two UMTS interfaces per module
    • HSPA Cat.8 (7,2 Mbps downlink)
    • HSUPA Cat.5 (2,0 Mbps uplink)
    • Qualcomm GpsOne (R) Technology
  • Two SIM cards per interface
  • Circuit mode, packet mode
  • ARM9 based processor system
  • Embedded Linux
  • System interfaces:
    • Ethernet 10/100
    • USB2.0
    • PCM (Clock, Clock Master configurable)
    • Customer specific modifications

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